Thursday, June 20, 2013

Kang Dong Won: My Favorite Korean Actor

My first time i have know the existence of Kang Dong Won was in the movie Temptation of Wolves. That movie seriously made me cry like a river. Up until now, i could still remember that night when i watched the movie. I finished it 3am and was like crying like a baby with my pillow covering my face so as not to waken up my sister and board mates. It was my first movie experience where i cry so much and was deeply moved by the character and story. That's how i knew him and the rest was history. I like the character of him in temptation of wolves but i didn't mind looking up on him on intentionally. Then my friend let me borrowed a dvd with a couple of movies in it. I don't know what to watch but since I am a newbie at that time and didn't know about the who's who in k-industry and what the good movies out there, my only clue for a good movie was the title. Then i came across with the movie "Too Beautiful Too Lie". I'm familiar with the actress and i felt like the movie is comedy and is fun from the title itself. Indeed, the movie was great. It gave me a good laugh. Unlike Temptation of Wolves, this movie was fun and could give you a wide smile. Then, i decided to check on Kang Dong Won. The movie that made me like him soo much is his movie with Ha Ji Won "The Duelist". Gawd, he was amazingly beautiful in it. His eyes, his hair,his movements,his voice, everything suits him in it. He's prettier than Ha Ji Won in it. He's soo cool in that movie that i cant get off my eyes on him and everytime his not on screen, i kept looking and waiting for his appearance. From then on unknowingly, I became a fan, not really a die hard (or amybe?) but i would pick Kang Dong Won over any k-actors out there - whether it be Won Bin. haha I searched for his other works and have watched almost all his movies except for one - "M". For various reasons, i haven't watched it actually i had watched 20% of the movie but i stopped, its too dark) - im gonna watch it some time though. He was released from military already and has a lot of movie offers in him. Im soo looking forward to see him act and showcase not only his acting but his gorgeous face. - i just him so bad, i need some new stuffs to see. If only he'll star again in a drama. Still my top 5 movies of him would be Temptation of Wolves, Too Beautiful To Lie, Jeon Wo Chi, Duelist, Haunters. Though i liked most of his releases.

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