Saturday, June 29, 2013

I Hear Your Voice: Kiss Scene

I have watched a lot of dramas before but its still is refreshing to find someone who acts as your knight in shining armor. Its really been a long time since i felt this way - you know the feeling that you just want the guy to be with the girl he likes because you know that he'll be very sad if it wont happen. I usually dont mind about these emotions since i know its a drama only but, I can't help but want to hug Soo Ha and tell Lee Bo Young to care for him even more and notice him and all of his efforts in protecting him. Can't help wanting to have someone like Soo Ha in my life now, though a Li Da Ren (In Time With You) would be fine, but with a Soo Ha punch maybe? haha i don't know but certainly this part made me cry. I certainly hate goodbyes but that kiss, omg, really rooting for this two pairs. Hope the ending wont disappoint anyone and looking forward for more sweet moments of these two leads.
Btw, the song here really matches the atmosphere of his confession through that kiss and that last credit, shocks, why did he turned his back without listening to the whole conversation?yikes!!!